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tumamoc hill- Tucson ritual hiking trail

Located on the west side of Tucson is Tumamoc Hill. it’s a mile and a half long getaway from whatever it is that you should be doing. Open at 5 am til 10pm, hundreds of people take on this paved hike daily. İ prefer early morning or late night, when cooler temps prevail. Quick note: it’s a particularly beautiful hike during a full moon.

From the entrance and Within minutes, you’re quickly challenged with increasingly steep grades as the city and it’s misery vanishes behind you. There are Several switchbacks and benches throughout the way as you take in varying views along this 1200 ft ascent to the top. The 360 degree views at top are breathtaking, particularly at sunset or sunrise. After dark hikes are less busy and more relaxing, but the mid-day hikes are better for people watching. And they’re all kinds of folks in all manner of styles and speeds making their way to the summit, passing you in return.

There is an interesting shrine to check out at beginning of the trail, and a small collection of old stone buildings halfway up with porta-potties, and a science research station up top at the end of the line. Catch your breath and enjoy the view!

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