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amazing crystals! – lodolite

garden quartz or lodolite

Garden quartz, lodolite, dream stone. There’s many unique names used to describe this form of quartz. Basically, it’s a clear quartz that has grown on and included parts and pieces of other minerals. Another name for it is inclusion quartz.

some common inclusions are hematite, lithium, feldspars, chlorite, and titanium and more rarely rutile threads that make Rutilated quartz so stunning. I tend to look for pieces that seem to be telling a unique story, exposing a miniature world to get lost in. Many people for various related reasons use this as a meditation stone for it’s associated healing properties. When selecting and shaping these crystals for a piece, i like to find it’s story and bring it front and center. I like to feel that these crystals, being pure entities, when we are attracted to one, it is also attracted to us.

below is a gallery of lodolites I’ve shaped and set in sterling silver. Also, click here to visit my shop to see what I’ve been working on lately!

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