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best coffee at descent coffee in Phoenix, AZ

Best coffee spot in town

this place is a gem, and i appreciate it on several levels. It serves coffee, and has a dark artistic aesthetic, and is also way into cycling. Beyond that, there is ample parking and is easy to get to, with outdoor seating and plenty of indoor tables too.

The coffee and espresso here is great! Plus, they offer refills if your sticking around. If you need to , you can even get a 24 oz to-go coffee. But hang around a bit! There’s a comfy couch near the back, and vintage copies of maximum rocknroll magazine. You can sit and relax to an excellent music selection, while looking at local artwork that adorns the walls. also, there’s several flashy murals to check out. The space is tastefully presented; a break from the bland. Yet, subdued just enough, when you need to sit and plug into the Wi-Fi and get some work done.

Descent coffee is located in an old strip mall on north 16th st. It’s a stones throw from the Coronado and Coronado park. The location is unassuming and saddled near a variety of utilitarian neighborhood businesses.

And now, i’m going to go into a tangent on old strip malls. As a teenager, i didn’t care for them. I thought they were hideous blights on the urban landscape, with Their egregious parking lots and banal signage. Most of the places i frequented were housed in historic older buildings in then neglected parts of town. Cheaper rents in those times enabled the more visionary and creative entrepreneurs the ability to operate in those magnificent places. Places, in Parts of town that overtime, have became victims of Their own success. Now, those old coffee houses and artistic spaces have been pushed out by the likes of buffalo wild wings and urban outfitters.

I have come to find, that more and more, the best and most authentic places are no longer huddled in the city center. They’ve been popping up in the peripheral neighborhoods and outlying areas. In the older urban strip Malls and the outlying areas that are more affordable. I admit, these older strip malls have become endearing, and often eclectic; sometimes showcasing more originality and vision than the downtown “creative” epicenter.

Tangents aside, this place has the feel of being created for you, not the drive-thru coffee masses. It’s a place for the artistic community to gather, get wired, and then go out bicycling for 30 miles around the city. Really. On Sunday mornings, they host an open bike ride event. If you’re like me and passing through with a bike strapped to the back of your van, it’s an amazing opportunity to get some social vitamins and ample exercise.

I have one withholding; i wish they stayed open into the evening. Phoenix is proving to be difficult place for the late night coffee addict. Descent coffee has my mornings and afternoons covered though. Here are directions.

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