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get coffee- cottagecore style in Tucson at ceres

Ceres – Tucson, AZ

the first thing you notice when walking up to the window at ceres, is that it seems to be a place found elsewhere in the world, like France or Italy. Definitely not the Sonoran desert. İt’s housed in a former burrito restaurant, one that had operated and been a family business since 1927 but closed around the late 90s. İ hear the original owners still stop by from time to time.

Handmade pastas and Italian espresso cafe in Tucson, az
i love a good walk up window

İ remember this place, as a simple walk up window placed in an old adobe row house in the old presidio neighborhood. With Only a few key and thoughtful aesthetic changes to the outside, and probably some updating in the kitchen, the essential activities remains in place.

Italian street food Tucson az
ceres, Tucson, az

Replacing the tortillas and burritos, are now baguettes, pastas, and pastries. Plus, quality coffee, espresso and exciting array of gelatos.

Cottagecore aesthetic in dining
ceres in Tucson, az

Open early for just coffee and baked goods, and introducing more substantial selections later at lunch time, you can order between a selection of handmade pasta, and pick from a variety of sauces. You can even take home bundles of Thier handmade noodles to prepare at home.

as a relative newcomer, it doesn’t come off to me as 3rd wave or pretentious, but snuggling into a more cozy cottage core and old world aesthetic. Perhaps a preview as to what’s to coming around the corner in the restaurant industry.

i admit i haven’t tried their pasta yet, as i arrived too early at 8 am. However, just in time to try Thier coffee. İ usually order a drip coffee at a place that’s new to me, just to see what kind of treatment a place gives the old standard. if it’s good, it’s a good sign that the rest of the preparations are thoughtfully offered. But That’s when i noticed they make Thier own gelato, and offer affogato on the menu. An Affogato is an espresso poured over a serving of gelato. And that day, one of they gelato offerings was cardamom with rose and pistachio. The foundational flavors of good baklava. and baklava, is always a good pairing with espresso or Turkish coffee. So, i happily ordered that instead, and it was completely worth the change of strategy.

Affogato gelato espresso Tucson az
Affogato – espresso with cardamon, rose, and pistachio gelato

Choosing Ceres is pleasant and nostalgic, you feel like your temporarily in the background of a Fellini movie like ‘la strada’. They create a place that makes you want to strap a wicker basket to your bike just so you can roll up and take home a baguette or pasta bundle. Enticed by all this, I’ll be back soon to try the pasta! Get directions here.

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