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how i got started in jewelry and lapidary

Sitka, AK + Boise, İD

– I’ve been involved in various art related work for most of my life. But also like to switch things up every once in a while. İ was contemplating getting into jewelry for a short while. When an opportunity came up at the right time, i took up a friend’s offer to fly up from New Orleans, LA to Sitka, Alaska and help/learn the art of casting in silver.

First castings and rings

Over a month of long work days, i learned the basics of casting and soldering, helping produce my friends jewelry line, sitka eclipse jewelry.

First successful bezel setting

A short while later through a chance meeting while passing through Boise, idaho, i met August voss – amazing carver of gemstone skulls and sculpture. Check out his Facebook page

Sitka, ak

İ had previous experience in large scale sculpture working on Mardi gras floats in new Orleans and sculpting haunted houses in the Midwest, so we spent a day sharing tricks, tips and tools of the trade learning each other’s craft. Beyond that, it was all about saving up and acquiring all the tools and plenty of extra materials, and affording enough time to experiment with trial and error.

to see what I’m doing these days view my shop page here. Or visit the image gallery here.

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