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amazing crystals – rutilated quartz

an essential crystal for your collection

one of the most unique and amazing crystals found in nature is rutilated quartz. an essential piece for anyone’s collection. but what is it? rutilated quartz is a common quartz, but with some special attributes. other common quartz you may be familiar with are amethyst, rose, citrine and smoky quartz. but, what sets this variety apart, are the finely colored threads of needle-like hairs of ‘rutil’ that accent each specimen in a distinctive way.

sterling silver rutlilated quartz ring point
golden rutilated quartz point ring in sterling silver

The threads appear as fine hairs and sometimes as ribbons in a variety of colors. copper, bronze and gold are some of the most common colors. More rare, are specimens that display green, red or purple. These threads are really just inclusions of other minerals. Titanium dioxide is the most common, and iron oxide usually is present in varying degrees. In nature, titanium dioxide is most abundant in rutil quartz. But, it is an interaction with iron oxide that gives it it’s copper to reddish tones. In fact, the word rutil comes from the latin word ‘rutilus’, which translates to ‘red’.

witch saddle rutilated quartz ring
witches saddle ring with copper and silvery rutil

The strength and character of rutil quartz comes from its inclusions. They enhance and reinforce the ability of it’s host crystal. Naturally and stunningly beautiful, rutil quartz is known for several attributes. The most powerful and helpful of these are removing self-doubt and fear. Relieving feelings of depression and loneliness. And providing direction and creativity to the bearer.

rutilated quartz ring set in sterling silver
copper rutilated quartz shield ring

I always go out of my way to find great pieces to work with. I enjoy the way each crystal has a different artistic arrangement of these amazing mineral strands. If you’d like to see if I have any for sale in the shop at the moment, click here!

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