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Labradorite – amazing crystals!

Labradorite ring by Stelae jewelry

If there’s one stone that can capture your imagination and grab your attention, it’s Labradorite. It has the ability to connect and communicate with you through an intense flash from way across a room. Other crystals like Lodolite and Rutilated quartz, are more subtle, and require a deep look inside them. But, Labradorite has its own special language of color and light, and broadcasts out to you.

labradorite pendant by stelae jewelry
Labradorite pendant by Stelae jewelry
What is labradorite?

Labradorite stands as one of the most intuition enhancing and magical of stones. Its elemental composition is of sodium and calcium alumino-silicate. Its close relative is the moonstone. Both of which are feldspars known for brilliant and colorful flashy displays. These flashes of captured, redirected and transformed light are known as “labradorescence”.  

labradorite jewelry
pendant by Stelae
What is Labradorescence? 

Since no other material behaves quite like labradorite, the colorful lightplay inspired its own name. The simplest explanation is that the brilliant play is a result of light refractions. Due to its unique internal structuring, it reflects only from a palette of certain colors. These internal structures are unidirectional, and cause the labradorescence phenomenon. It is what causes its luminous glow when light hits at the perfect angle.

purple labradorite
purple Labradorite from Earth and Bone

Another explanation comes from the lore of the innu people of Labrador, Canada. The story is often told like this: One day, the aurora borealis fell from the sky, crashed into the earth and became trapped in the rocks below. Until one day, when a strong innu warrior on a hunt, missed a strike with his spear. The spear cleaved a rock open and released the aurora back into the sky. But some of that light remained in the rocks, and still does to this day. According to innu tradition, the northern lights are the dancing spirits of their ancestors. 

Labradorite earring
Labradorite hoop earring from Stelae jewelry
Where is it found?

Labradorite’s primary deposits are in Labrador, Canada. Finland, Russia and Madagascar, also have sizable deposits. The Finnish variety named spectralite, contains all the colors of the visible spectrum. Once thought to be unique, it is an exceptionally brilliant type of labradorite. The Finnish variety has the highest degree of labradorescence. Labradorite as we know it, was officially named in the 1770’s, and spectrolite in the 1940’s. Known by the Innu long before ‘discovery’, and used for over a thousand years.

labradorite rings
Labradorite rings by Stelae jewelry
What does it look like?

This stone has a lot of different appearances, and can conjure up a lot of wild imagery. Depending on the individual piece, it can remind you of the iridescent colors of a peacock’s fantail. images from outer space like colorful nebulas and space gas clouds or wild graffiti. When not catching the light, it can often appear a dull gray to near black. that all changes When it reveals its iridescent schiller effect. The color range can go from deep peacock blues, blue-green, silvery-blue to orange-gold and yellows. Some of the rarest pieces can feature silvery blues, intense violet purples or even red. Basically, it’s a rainbow in a stone.

Labradorite coffins by earth and bone
Labradorite coffins to be set in jewelry by Earth and bone
Meanings and properties

Most of the agreed upon and observed effects of labradorite include increasing clairvoyance and the powers of perception. Assistance in dreams. Enhancing creativity and transformation. And also manifesting intentions. These attributes make it an excellent stone for meditation.

sterling silver and labradorite ring by Stelae jewelry
How to use labradorite

You can keep some in the bedroom for enhanced and colorful dreams. In the workplace, its presence can help foster some appreciated creativity. At home, you can place it on an altar or within an arrangement of plants. Worn as jewelry, it can be both visually stunning , and can help to enhance intuition and influence creativity. Expect subtle encouraging changes when you bring labradorite into your environment. It is an impactful stone for anyone who designs, writes and creates artwork of any type. 

labradorite at datura san diego
Labradorite chunk at the Datura shop, San Diego, CA
Which type should I select?

In general, I would say whichever piece catches your eye. One that you keep coming back to. Some people believe that those drawn to labradorite as a whole, have their ancestral roots in the lost city of Atlantis. Each individual piece has a very distinct personality. The labradorite addict usually collects several!

stelae jewelry hoop earrings with Labradorite
Labradorite hoop earrings in progress by Stelae jewelry
Where to find labradorite

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