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Coffee shops in San Diego – Lestat’s

Lestat’s on Park coffee house

When I’m headed to San Diego I’m pumped, because there’s some great late night coffee houses. And my favorite is Lestat’s. As in, Lestat the vampire, from the Anne Rice books. The only thing that could be possibly better, might be a lost boys themed coffee shop, Or even Blood and donuts!

 Walking up to Lestat’s, there’s ample sidewalk seating. Usually a couple people are playing chess, reading books, or even talking to each other. Like from the days before cell phones.
Entering the cafe, there are two giant Victorian throne seats to greet you, a comfy couch to the right and the espresso bar to the left. It’s spacious with cafe tables throughout and leading to The ‘Dungeon’. a separate room with more seating and spooky vibes, plus another empty throne seat for good measure.

Lestat's coffee house
Lestat’s coffee house

There are usually people on laptops doing what-not, but it’s still a very social gathering place. Music is loud, but not overbearing. You just don’t see many places like this anymore. Of course, this place has been around since the early 90’s, and represents the period well. Open until midnight, it’s a perfect spot to come after a day at one of San Diego’s best beaches or after dinner, or on the way to a bar or a show.

San Diego coffee shops

The good old fashioned drip coffee is strong, and espresso shots are poured well. The baristas are friendly and the line moves fast.

The dungeon at Lestat’s

Other Lestat’s locations

There are two other locations, both about a mile away. Lestat’s Hillcrest and Lestat’s on Adams st. The Adams street location is the original, and the Hillcrest location is the most recently opened. Hillcrest Lestat’s has an Egyptian theme with a large stone sphinx in the center of the main room. Adams street is the smallest of the three, but has the most outdoor seating. Definitely, a great place to spend a chill evening! Directions to Lestat’s on Park

Pastry case at Lestat's
Enjoy a dark offering from the pastry case

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