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Vegan Restaurants San Diego

Being a vegan, vegetarian or on a plant-based diet is easy in San Diego. there is an abundance of southeast Asian vegan restaurants, and some of the best and most authentic I’ve ever tried. One place that sounded intriguing, was Civico in little Italy which features an impressive menu of vegan options. you can even get a vegan affagato or gelato! I didn’t make it to Civico personally, but was one of the first places mentioned when asking around.


 Probably my favorite restaurant in San Diego, and the most recommendable. Kindred is very exciting to walk into; it’s done head to toe in fanciness, yet tempered by casual vibes and stoner metal artwork and music. They feature an impressive full bar and offer a lot of seating options. Prices were very reasonable and the staff was very friendly. Kindred is located in the south park neighborhood. The menu is all vegan. I ordered the Tempeh based wizard bowl and a really good vegan mac. Both of which were super satisfying, and hit the spot! check out the Kindred website here.


Hazel + Jade

 The best vegan bakery I’ve ever been to hands down! What their pastries lack in dairy products, is made up for by sugar, so prepare for something extra sweet. The almond croissant was hands down perfect, if not the best one I’ve ever had. This place also came highly recommended, and when you try it out for the first time, it’s easy to see why. The space itself is tiny with only a few seats, it’s the kind of place that you run in to grab a few things on your way somewhere. The selections were not vast, but the offerings were so well done, you’ll probably order the same things over and over anyway. Hazel and jades is in the hillcrest neighborhood.

Thanh Tin Chay 

Walk in through the bright green facade, and has an amazing array of traditional Vietnamese offerings await. Even more so than the typical Pho restaurant. What’s most amazing is the incredible array of plant based proteins they offer. It’s all vegan, but does not offer much in the way of Pho or bun. Instead, there are many other soups, spring roll variations and exciting entrees that make this place really stand out. Tanh tin chay is in the area of little Saigon, east of downtown.


 Very tasty 100% vegan Thai food, served in a pleasant setting. Come here for well executed standard Thai dishes. I ordered the classic ‘drunken noodle’ with faux beef, and a papaya salad. Portions were generous and the food was tasty, I would definitely come back again!


The one place on this list I didn’t make it to, but was universally recommended. Give it a try! check out their website here!

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