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San Diego hiking trails

San Diego hiking trail

Set between Oceans and Mountains, there is a vast array of wonderful places to go on a hike. Many of them are within a short drive from downtown. These San Diego hiking trails are quite popular, so I suggest getting out there nice and early!

Mission Trails Regional Park

 Encompasses more than 8,000 acres of both natural and developed recreational areas. This is also another popular area, and includes cowles mountain. There is parking near the visitors center, and from there, a paved pathway that leads down through the gorge. There are many side trails and offshoots once you walk beyond the visitors center. The Kumeyaay people inhabited this area, and there are a few informational exhibits, detailing thier daily activities along the route.

Cowles mountain

This seems like a very busy and popular spot. It is one of the tallest hills in the area so the views are spectacular. The trail has some rock outcroppings to climb over, but none too difficult. The parking lot fills up fast, but there is a good amount of street parking nearby.

Sunset cliffs

This spot combines beach and trails. and is a small nature preserve right on the Ocean. at low tide, you walk down the stairway and explore numerous tide pools. It’s a 68 acre resource based park stretching along a beautiful patch of Pacific ocean. The park’s topography includes carved coastal bluffs, arches and sea caves. From the clifftop parking area, you can watch surfers, and sometimes, even California gray whales migrating to Baja California and back. During the low tide, you can walk down the stairways and explore the tiny worlds of tide pools. Also, there are plenty of easy trails in and around the coastal scrub bluffs.

Sunset Cliffs San Diego
Sunset Cliffs

Blacks beach

This is the only beach with residential parking. And it’s in a swanky neighborhood. So make sure you’re in a legal parking spot; otherwise parking is free. This spot is a little hidden and a little extra effort to get down to the beach. Actually, it’s all downhill to the beach. There’s a pretty steep curved paved road that winds down between the hills to sea level. Be prepared for the hike back up! Once the pavement ends, there’s some well kept up bathrooms to the right, and then the path opens up to the beach. It was the least populated spot I went to and had amazing views. Mainly popular with surfers, only the most dedicated try to reach this beach. And if you keep going north along the beach, at some point, it becomes clothing optional.

Blacks beach
Blacks beach at high tide

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