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Joshua tree national park

joshua tree

It seems everybody wants to go to Joshua tree national park. Why? It’s practically an obligation these days, the Studio 54 of national parks. The place to see and be seen. The mere mention of this location will return a “yeah, i was just there” or an ” it’s on my bucket list” response. It’s become a right of passage. But, is it really that great? What’s the fuss all about?

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Tucsons ‘El Tiradito’ shrine

a mystical grotto dedicated to an unlucky sinner

the shrine of el tiradito tucson arizona
el tiradito shrine

Tucsons ‘El Tiradito’ shrine is rather unique in the United States. It’s magical history goes back to the 1870’s, well before Arizona “magically became” part of the United States. It is a site and story of many local legends including the one officially agreed upon version. El Tiradito translates to ‘the castaway’, it is located in the oldest and original part of town, now known as barrio viejo. At that time, it was just a sleepy Mexican outpost in the once northern part of Sonora, Mexico. And this area and region has been inhabited by people for thousands of years.

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how to make the ultimate vegan bahn-mi – sandwich recipe

vegan bahn mi

Here’s an easy guide and recipe instructions on how to make the most bangin’ bahn mi. it will be even better if you can source a few key ingredients that will set this recipe apart. In the end, i feel it comes the closest to the Vietnamese sandwiches i grew up with in New Orleans. and in my opinion, the New Orleans Vietnamese community makes the best in the country! You too can make the ultimate vegan bahn mi!

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Things to do in Tucson : best dive bars

the buffet Tucson dive bar

5 great Tucson bars that offer a fun and unique night out on the town

Looking to have an interesting night out in Tucson? These 5 neighborhood night spots each offer a fun filled, and exciting evening excursion. a perfect way to wind down after hiking up Tumamoc hill, or in the evening after going to the Tucson gem show. I have selected these based on their own uniqueness, but also, for their contrast to each other. Each one has it’s own stand alone style, and offer a different mood. however, each space is welcoming and inclusive; and you could visit just one, or collect them all. BTW, these are not sports bars, so no distracting televisions!

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road trip refrigeration- 4 ideas on how to keep food cool while traveling and camping

keep food fresh while traveling and camping

keeping food fresh while traveling and camping, is going to be a priority. here are a few different set ups to make this possible. you should approach this with proper planning.

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amazing crystals – rutilated quartz

an essential crystal for your collection

one of the most unique and amazing crystals found in nature is rutilated quartz. an essential piece for anyone’s collection. but what is it? rutilated quartz is a common quartz, but with some special attributes. other common quartz you may be familiar with are amethyst, rose, citrine and smoky quartz. but, what sets this variety apart, are the finely colored threads of needle-like hairs of ‘rutil’ that accent each specimen in a distinctive way.

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