Shangaan Amethyst crystal

Amethyst crystal meaning and properties

Amethyst crystal meaning is one of protection, dreams and restful sleep. This crystal is ideal for jewelry and amulets, or placed on an alter or near the bed.

Amethyst Earwieghts
Amethyst Earwieghts with sterling silver

what is amethyst?

Amethyst is a member of the quartz family. It obtains its purple color from an interaction with iron, deep in the earth while it forms. Like other Quartzes, it has a Mohs scale hardness rating of 7, making it a nice gem to work with cutting and polishing. Amethyst has lost some of it’s rarity over the last couple centuries, due to the discovery of new pockets throughout the world. But it never lost its popularity or appeal. If anything, it’s more accessible, and no longer only reserved for the crowns of royalty.

Amethyst is valued for its color most of all. The deepest purples are the the most popular. Particularly for faceted gems and domed cabochons. Yet, there are some varieties that are exceptionally beautiful and powerful left in their raw state that exhibit other features. Some of these are on their own amazing specimens and metaphysical.

Two types that I prize the most are Veracruz amethyst and Shangaan amethyst. These you would appreciate raw and as natural whole specimens. cutting and faceting these would lose much of its characteristic appeal. I do like a nice deep purple cabochon, for its rich color there’s nothing else like it. but in these cases the whole piece can tell a story.

Shangaan Amethyst crystal with hematite inclusions
Shangaan Amethyst on mirror

Veracruz amethyst

Most of the Veracruz amethyst comes from a few mines outside of a small town in the Vera Cruz region of mexico. These crystals usually have a very clear transparency with a light touch of lavender. they often seem extra bright taking advantage of any ambient light to make them shine and glow.

Veracruz Amethyst crystals
Veracruz Amethyst crystals

Vera Cruz Amethyst is very distinctive and unmistakable in the world of crystals. Deep violet crystals are popular, but there is something about how these crystals pop. They just make you feel better. In the spiritual realm, Vera Cruz varieties are famous for their high vibrations, which assists in spiritual healing. Vera Cruz Amethyst is a stone of spiritual ascension and growth.

Shangaan Amethyst

Shangaan Amethysts are a relatively new discovery and have some amazing physical qualities. This variety hails from Zimbabwe. They tend to contain a swirling mix of darker purple, clear + light smokiness. Also, A common feature I’m told, is that often, you can see what appears to be tiny reddish purple flecks emanating from the center. I’m told that is a result of an interaction with the mineral hematite during formation. Whether or not hematite is involved, the result is a beautiful sparkling specimen full of positive energy.

Shangaan Amethyst crystal
Mesmerizing Shangaan Amethyst

A slightly rare feature is that of trapped water bubbles within the crystal. It’s difficult to notice, but if you move the crystal around sometime you can see a trapped water bubble. Because of these qualities, the Shangaan variety is exceptionally unique.

These crystals are perfect raw, in their naturally found state, with the interplay of its constituent colors all together. I only use them in pendants, showcasing what each unique crystal offers with a handcrafted sterling silver setting.

Shangaan amethyst pendant
Shangaan Amethyst pendant with Hematite inclusions

Amethyst crystal Meaning and properties

  • The Amethyst crystal meaning varies around the world. There is a wild diversity and range of metaphysical associations, as diverse as the many cultures that have revered this gemstone from antiquity.
  • The Greeks believed Amethyst gems could prevent intoxication, or at least ward off hangovers. At that time, it symbolized sobriety.
  • the ancient Egyptians used Amethyst. The ancient Egyptians believed that Amethyst gave courage and protection to the wearer. Many Egyptian amulets featured these articulately cut gemstones. and Egyptian princess Cleopatra wore an Amethyst ring.
  • Tibetans consider Amethyst sacred to the Buddha and make prayer beads from it.
  • Amethyst is believed to have metaphysical properties connected to bringing peace and restful sleep. Many believe that amethyst can also assist with meditation and the visualization of our goals. Additionally, the stone is believed to have the power to aid in lucid dreaming. Amethyst is a lovely stone for meditation and helps us sink into the present moment. Personally, I always feel well and protected by amethyst.

Some things to know about Amethyst

  • Citrine starts out as an amethyst. Ametrine is usually created from amethyst. When exposed to high levels of heat the color of amethyst changes. When heated, natural Amethyst loses its signature purple color and turns a dark yellow or orange color. Natural Citrine does occur when it develops in the right environment, but a large part of Citrine on the market is heat-treated amethyst. Partially heated Amethyst creates a yellow and purple crystal called Ametrine.
  • Amethyst is the birthstone of February.
  • Amethysts feature a deep and vibrant violet hue. The stone gets its color when iron replaces silicone in the structure of the crystal. An amethyst’s color can vary from light violet to deep purple. If exposed to sunlight for a longer period of time, however, the striking color of amethyst can fade. But don’t worry! that would still take quite a while and a lot of intense sunlight.
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