Garden quartz aka Lodolite

Garden quartz, Lodolite, dream stone. There’s many unique names used to describe this form of quartz. Basically, it’s a clear quartz that has grown on and includes parts and pieces of other minerals. Another name for it is inclusion quartz. When you see a piece for the first time, you can be caught offguard by the surprisingly vivid internal scenery. As each piece can depict completely different landscape, you can really develop a fascination with Lodolite!

Some common inclusions are hematite, lithium, feldspars, chlorite, and titanium. And more rarely rutile threads that make Rutilated quartz so stunning.

In its raw state, it can be much like a geode, with a textured and rough outer surface. And to reveal the tiny world inside, it needs to have a surface opened up by cutting and polishing. Often this crystal is cut to feature its inclusions, into a point or tower. Sometimes a piece is tumbled in a rock tumbler until it is rounded or domed. This gives it a lense effect, magnifying its internal landscapes. Being so expressive, it is a great crystal for jewelry. Rings or pendants can bring this crystals attributes into focus, and also, is a great way to keep some with you throughout the day.

If you have the opportunity to view a large amount of these crystals, like at a gem show or someone’s large personal collection, you can start to understand the scope and vast variances of Lodolite. There are so many ways this crystal can appear. and much different imagery that it can conger up. Many look like underwater scenes of coral reefs, or the insides of caves, snow drifts, moss and lichen covered rocks. It really is endless!

Lodolite meaning and uses

Starting the day by gazing into a Lodolite crystal can reinforce the idea that your potential within is limitless, that there are so many areas of life to explore, and mysteries to unlock. Lodolite is a lucky stone that can help unlock doors and see into windows of opportunity you may have not noticed before. Therefore allowing you to explore, expand and manifest your desires.

It is a useful crystal to dispel negative energy in your environment, so that you can bring focus to the positive. It can enhance you’re innate ability for resourcefulness, drawing on your creativity to pull in and use what is available at the moment in a given situation. This stone will keep you grounded and stable, so you can be your best version, especially through times of distress.

Lodolite is a calming crystal that will also bring you clarity and insight. For this reason, it is popular to use this as a meditation stone. for it has the ability to subconsciously unveil the unseen relationships between seemingly disparate parts of your life. Full of soothing energy, it can deepen the benefits of rest and rejuvenation.

Lodolite is a great stone to have as a travel companion, and can have an adaptogenic effect. It will keep you feeling inspired and motivated, As you transition to new chapters, or attempt new things in life.

garden quartz
lodolite or garden quartz