Things to do in San Diego!

Why take a San Diego road trip?

imagine some of the best year round weather in the country. Where forested mountains,  Soothing ocean beaches, and desert environments are all easily accessible. The city itself offers some great places to eat, grab coffee or drinks, and one of the best city parks in america. The city has several interesting neighborhoods to explore with lots of fun and artsy boutiques.

Great local beaches

You can spend all day hanging in some of the most scenic and fun beaches on the coast for free! Whether you prefer an active beach scene, taking the dogs out for a stroll, or walking out and peering into wonderous tidepools, there are multiple spots for you! Click here to read about 5 of the best San Diego beaches compared!

surfing at Sunset cliffs Beach
Surfers and tide pools

Awesome Hiking and nature trails

There are so many breathtaking hiking areas within an easy reach of town. Some are down by the ocean, and others just east of town. From boulder strewn mountainsides to coastal scrub habitats with sandstone cliffs.  Click here for more info on some nice close in hikes!

San Diego hiking trail
Climbers loop trailhead

balboa park

This historic and beautiful park was the site of the 1912 world’s fair. nudist exhibit. Click here to read about one of the cities premiere attractions!

chicano park in barrio logan

one great cultural place to check out are the numerous murals of Chicano park.

great coffee

San diego is a great coffee town! several late nite spots open until midnight inviting you to lounge around or get some computer work done!

lestat’s on Park -A great LATE NIGHT coffee house in San Diego! Read more on this Anne Rice inspired coffee house!


por vida – Best coffee in the Barrio Logan area, and within walking distance to the Chicano park murals! 

Por Vida coffee house
Por Vida cafe and gallery in Barrio Logan, San Diego

Great vegan eats !!

You can roll into town rest assured that there are plenty of great stand alone vegan restaurants, and many with a good amount of vegan options. Some of these places have superb menus that go far beyond what you usually expect. From super authentic vietnamese and thai to innovative italian. And my favorite spot with a stoner metal theme and amazing cocktails! Plus the best vegan bakery i think i’ve ever been to! Click here to read about 5 of the best vegan restaurants in San Diego!

dive bars + juke joints

 Wind down the day with some songs on the jukebox, slide into a comfy U-shaped booth or cozy up to the bar on a stool. These fun and divey bars are great for late nite chillin.

live wire

til two


the tower

other places